Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Finds on Artfire: Snowflakes

We've sure had a lot of the white stuff around here lately.  There's a huge maple tree in our front yard that collects the fluffy, wet kind of snow on its branches and then when the temperatures rise above freezing, the tree rains on the yard.  The kids think it's quite fun.  Me - not so much - especially when I have to go under the tree to get to my car.

But it sure does make for some gorgeous landscapes and, up close, it makes for some lovely artistic inspiration.  So enjoy these snowflakes from Artfire sellers:

You can also enjoy these photos of my own work inspired by snowflakes:
Currently only available by special order.  Contact me for more information.

Available in my Artfire shop.

This one sold a couple of years ago.

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