Thursday, January 17, 2013

What I've Been Working On - Necklaces and Fairy Trees

I mentioned before that I was working like crazy to get new product made for the craft fair I did in November.  Well, between the new baby and Christmas, I'm just now starting to get that same product photographed and listed in my Artfire shop (still debating whether to fill my Etsy shop back up again).  I haven't had time to do any clay work and probably won't for another month or two but that's okay because I've got plenty of photography and listing to do.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the photos I do have done.  Some of these are already listed in my Artfire shop but most of them aren't.

Hippie Necklace - 20 1/2 inches - Various lace-caned round
beads on hemp cord spaced with knots and black clay disk
beads.  $20

Gold and Copper Tile Necklace - 23 1/2 inches - Rectangular
black beads, impressed with various designs and highlighted
with gold and copper mica powders then strung with black,
gold, and copper glass beads.  $40

3-Strand Necklace -  19 inches (longest strand) - Pink,
greenish-gold, and black striped tube beads spaced with black
glass beads.  The inner strand also includes some gold foil
accents.  $35

Distressed Pearl Necklace - 24 inches - Large pearlized green
and blue rounds, slightly distressed and dented, spaced with
acrylic pearls and clay spacers in the same green and blue.  $20

Watermelon Vine Necklace - 22 inches - Clay watermelon
slices, half-slices and wedges, as well as leaves and blossoms
accented with matching glass beads on a chunky silver chain
with a strand of random green and ivory glass beads and
a green organza ribbon.  $50

Summer Fairy Tree Art - 4x4 inches - $25

Winter Fairy Tree Art - 4x4 inches - $25

Winter Fairy Tree ACEO - 3.5x2.5 inches - $15

Spring Fairy Tree Art - 4x4 inches - $25

Spring Fairy Tree ACEO - 3.5x2.5 inches - $15

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Excuses and Changes

So I'm poking around the admin side of my blog, feeling guilty because I haven't posted in about 6 months and I realize that I promised 4 sets of flower pendant photos and only got to two of them.  I really do have a good excuse (well, several really).  Do you want to hear them?  Probably not, but since I'm the queen of excuses (a title bestowed on me by my mother in my teenage years), I'll share anyway.

(Yes, I was 8 1/2 months pregnant when I did this...)
1.  I had a huge craft fair in November that I was super nervous about and wanted to make sure I had enough inventory to sell.  I was claying like crazy for several months.  The bad news: I didn't sell enough to make it worth going crazy.  The good news:  I have plenty of inventory for the next craft fair.

2.  Homeschool started up again in September in a house way too small for all of us.  That doesn't sound like a very good excuse but it's been really hard to focus on schoolwork in such a cramped space - not to mention all of my other responsibilities.
Oldest and youngest - she's still trying to convince
me that she doesn't love having a baby brother.

3.  The baby that I may or may not have mentioned months ago (I can't remember) decided to be due at the end of November instead of the end of December.  That's the second baby this has happened with.  Then, of course, he was nearly 2 weeks late.  I feel too old to be having babies and I was so miserable by the end of my pregnancy, it was a miracle when I got myself dressed in the morning.

Anyway, the craft fair is over, I've adjusted to the lack of space for homeschooling, and baby William is here and we have both recovered nicely.  So, I have lots of energy for all of the things I need to do and I will hopefully be back on here blogging away on a regular basis again soon - I'm not making any promises.

Oh, and a few changes have been made around here.  I decided that I want to separate my personal blog posts from my "professional" ones so I created another blog here.  That's where you'll find my recipes, homeschool articles, etc from now on.  (The old ones will stay put so you can still find them.)  You'll still be able to get to my tutorials, photos of my work and my favorite stuff from Etsy and Artfire on this blog.

So, be patient with me while I get my ducklings back in their neat, orderly row and I'll try to get those other flower pendant photos (along with photos of all of my new work for the craft fair) up soon.