Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Finds: Chocolate Covered Cherries

Did you know that today is Chocolate Covered Cherry Day?  Okay, so there's a "day" for just about anything anymore.  But don't let that spoil an excuse to enjoy a yummy treat!

When you're done, check out these great items from Artfire.  All of them are inspired by the flavors and colors of the candy of the day!

Oh, and while I'm at it: Years ago, I asked my then-7-year-old to choose the colors for some beads and the following are what she came up with.  I've always called them my "cherry chocolate" beads.  Unfortunately the quality isn't good enough to sell, but they make me happy when I look at them.

Enjoy! Korrina


  1. I pressed "Preview" and it ate my response, so this might get posted twice. Beautifully curated and visually lovely ArtFire Collection full of fun picks. Belated Happy Chocolate Covered Cherry Day! Love your "Cherry Chocolate " beads. Your daughter chose well. Hope you and your family are managing to stay cozy and warm up there is Rigby.

  2. Thanks! We are managing to stay warm, but we aren't in Rigby anymore. Your comment made me realize I need to change my location on my blog. We actually moved to Ogden, Utah about 3 months ago. It's usually about 5 degrees warmer here. :)

  3. Hope you are all settled in and enjoying your new location in Ogden. Sure must be very different to be in an urban area now (i.e., CRAFT stores and shopping malls).