Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I've Been Working On

I told them to look at the goodies like they wanted to eat them.
What have I been working on?  Christmas, Christmas, and more Christmas!  I made a black and pink quilt for my oldest daughter and she and I made a playhouse (a fabric thing that goes over a table and they play under it) for the two littlest girls.  The kids helped me make about 30 simple clay ornaments to give away and we all spent a day making goodies.

I made this quite a while ago but realized I still hadn't shared it.  This was my first real attempt at sculpting a rose.

This will eventually be listed in one of my shops.

I never make stuff for myself so I decided I would make me a pendant to match my favorite black and white skirt.  Um, yeah.  DON'T bake polymer clay at 400 degrees for 10 minuntes.  Unfortunately, I don't own a black and dirty brown skirt.

I wanted to try something new in a flower sculpture.  I used pink skinner blend slices for the middle two rows, lace cane slices for the next one or two and black skinner blend slices on the outside.  It's kind of unusual but I think I like it.

So there you go... which one do you like best?



  1. Love the flowers. You know I think I like the dirty brown one best;)Annoying when that happens. Looking forward to seing what you get up to in 2012! Cara

  2. I want to see a pic of the playhouse! The top rose is my favorite.