Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I've Been Working On...

...obviously not my blog.  :)

I didn't have time to post a recipe or a tutorial this week but I did take a few minutes to photograph the beads I have been working on for the last week or so.

These aren't done.  I have sanded some of them and plan on buffing all of them.  The ones that haven't been sanded won't look much different from how they look here- just a little smoother- a nicer texture I think.
These first four are made from canes with translucent backgrounds. It's amazing how different the various brands of trans clay look when they are done. The cores of all of these are white so the yellowish color is just the trans clay. I kind of like the way the yellowish trans makes the beads sort of antiquey.

These ones were made with Fimo.

These are Kato trans and Fimo colors.

These are made of Kato.

These are all Fimo.

I made the cane for this last one many years ago when I was just starting.  I saw a picture of an extruded cane (not knowing how they did it) and decided to try the design on my own.  This cane was the result.  It's hard to tell but there is a little orange in there with the brown and black.



  1. Those all came out really well! Great job!

  2. All beautifully done and I especially like the pink roses which look like they are bathed in sunshine.

  3. Thanks all! Mel, I think the pink roses are my favorite...