Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Victor PTA Craft Fair

On Saturday, I did my first craft fair in several years.  It was at a local elementary school and I really didn't have high hopes for sales but I wanted to promote all three (yes, 3!) of my businesses.  While it was horribly slow, I did make back my booth fee and a little more.  We really didn't have any travel expenses since this one was only 30 minutes from home.  So, I supported a local school and made a little money into the bargain.
Our booth was two long tables lined up along one end of the gym.  They left a ton of space between booths so we felt a little disconnected from the other vendors but at least we had plenty of room to spread out. :)

I drew these paper dolls and quiet books several years ago for my kids.  I copied them so I could make more when they wore the first batch out.  Then I decided they would be a good thing to sell as all of the time that was going to be invested in them was already spent.  The binder in front is a sample that shows all of the pages in each of the sets.  I plan on having a little table set up with some finished paper dolls and folder games on it for kids to play with at the next craft fair.  Hopefully that will help with their sales.

This is the kids' section of the table.  My 11yo made the goodies and my two little girls made some of the bracelets.  (I made the rest.)  My 14yo was going to paint faces but pulled a ligament in her right wrist and was in a splint.  The 11yo did not do well at the craft fair and when I suggested gourmet-style cupcakes she told me she hates baking.  Okay, I think we need to re-think her product.  She and her older sister are doing yarn dolls for the next one.

This is the section for my hubby's business.  Can you guess what he does?!? :)  You can also see in the background where I was working on some new Easter Eggs while we sat there.

Half of my polymer clay stuff.  Most of this stuff is listed in my Etsy and/or Artfire shops.  (If you see anything in this photo or the next that's not listed that you'd like to see listed, let me know in the comments below and I'll see what I can do.)

The other half of my polymer clay stuff.  I plan on a completely different setup for the next event.
And this is the third business that I was advertising.  It's a local informational website that my sister-in-law and I started recently.

For a while, I was the only one in our booth and so as the customers were walking along in front of it I was answering questions about the paper dolls, then telling them about my daughter making the goodies, then giving them information about the computer repair, then talking about polymer clay, then giving information about our website.  I guess it's a good thing we weren't real busy.  I wouldn't have been able to keep up with more than one customer in our booth at a time.

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