Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I've Been Working On

I am doing my first craft show of the season in a few weeks and I have been busy working on Easter eggs for it.  I'd like to get these listed in my Etsy shop but I just haven't gotten to it yet.  I just opened a shop on Artfire (nothing in it yet) so maybe I'll skip Etsy all together with these.  (I'll let you know when I "officially" open my Artfire shop.)

Meanwhile, enjoy these photos- keep in mind that I just snapped these.  I didn't work very hard to get great photos as most of these eggs aren't even finished yet.

My first applique egg.  All sanded and ready to go...

Another applique egg.  This one hasn't even been baked yet. 

Another applique in brighter colors.  Also unbaked.
One of the first eggs I did this year.  I really enjoy doing vines and flowers.  This one is finished.

Also finished.  I'm not sure how much I like it.  I'll probably keep experimenting with this style.

Another applique egg.  Baked and awaiting sanding.

This one's a mini egg.  They all have plastic Easter egg cores.  I used to use real blown egg shells but I just don't seem to have the air power to blow them plus I have too firm a hand to not break the darn things.  I really don't think I like this egg but that's okay, I was experimenting with technique.

An applique mini egg waiting to be baked.

You've probably noticed the lint in these.  (There's a lot of it on this one.)  It's actually not lint.  I've been working on these in our basement where there is a wood-burning stove we use for heat.  So it's actually ash in the eggs.  Luckily it doesn't take much sanding to get it off. 

Another mini-egg experiment.  I really don't like this one.

Yet another mini-egg that I think is really ugly.

An applique mini egg.  Baked but not sanded.

Another applique.  On this one, I decided to blend in the seams completely.  I decided I like them better with the seams showing a little.

I love this one.  Eventually all of the eggs will have stands (although not as fancy as this one) .  I didn't put a flower on the bottom of the egg here because the stand has a cup-shaped flower that the egg sits on. 
 Hope you enjoyed these!


  1. I love the applique eggs. Easter is the best time of year for making cute pastel things!

  2. The applique eggs are awesome! The flower bud is amazing!

  3. Wow these are awesome! I actually REALLY like the one that you said you're unsure about (with the green leaves). I think it's my favorite.