Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fair Winnings Part One: Needlecraft

Okay, I mentioned before that we entered 13 projects in the fair and won 12 ribbons.  Now I want to share our projects and rather than doing one really long post with everything, I thought I'd break it down into manageable chunks.  So, here is the first installment: Needlecraft

When I get to the clay stuff, I will post a little about how each item was made but on the needlework I just followed a pattern or whatever- there really isn't anything to share about technique.

The first thing of mine we found was the baby dress I crocheted for Josie's blessing almost 4 years ago:
The little figurine in front was not mine. :)

I love the granny squares on the bodice and the yarn I used was a really soft baby yarn that was white with a tiny bit of various colors streaked through it.  The pink yarn had a shiny white thread through it.

Here's the next project we found:

I'm really surprised that this one got a ribbon at all considering the fact that apparently they couldn't tell that it's a picture of a horse- it's upside-down!  You can see the ears hanging down next to the ribbon.  Here's a better picture:

For those of you who don't crochet, this is called fillet crochet and is it ever boring!  This was my first and last project using this technique.  I'm going to make it into a throw pillow for Kjeri.  It will have a black background and a black and pink ruffle.  The fair lady told me that I can enter it again next year if I do that.  Maybe I will place better if it's a pillow...

On to the next project:

I made this afghan for my bed.  I get cold easily at night and Rock doesn't so I wanted something that would cover just me... plus, it's pretty.  I'm not the best crocheter in the world so I didn't think I'd do well in this area but I figured it couldn't hurt to try.

Anyway, I've got one last item in the needlecraft building:

I made this for Sarah and she's been using it since last winter so you could tell it wasn't brand-new but it was worth a try.  It was the first quilt I have ever quilted by myself.  It was a lot of fun, too.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my work- although the needlecrafts are not my forte.

Next time I'll start showing off some of my clay stuff.

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