Monday, July 29, 2013

Quick Update

This is just a quick update for those of you who follow my blog closely.  I am so sorry that there hasn't been anything new here in a while.  After the baby, I fully expected to return to my "regularly scheduled program."  And I did post a few new things.  

Then hubby found a new job - 230 miles away!  So, we have been busy moving him down to Utah to stay in our camper while we find a house and get moved.  He's been there about 2 months now.  We've found a house but we keep running into snags in the financing so that's taking a while.  Meanwhile, I've been packing and cleaning and trying to catch up on the homeschooling we got behind on when I was miserably pregnant.  

Due to all this, I haven't had time to clay in a couple of months and now it's all packed and waiting to move so it will probably be a month or two before I can get any new tutorials or anything up here.  

Thanks so much for being patient with me.  I'll try to do a better job of keeping you updated so you will have some idea of when to expect the "good stuff" again. :) 

So, meanwhile, enjoy these pictures of my family over the last few months.
Sarah and William

Miriam and William

William and Eli

William and Daddy

William (If you're a parent, you know the baby always gets the most pictures taken.)

Eli, Josephine, Kjerstin, and Emmily

Miriam, Josephine, and Eli

Back in May, I did manage to create one thing - I made my oldest daughter's first prom dress.  It wasn't perfect, 'cause I'm so out of practice behind the sewing machine, but it turned out pretty good.


  1. Thanx for the update n the lovely pics! Giving you strength n prayers on your move I know that is a lot of time and the prom dress very pretty!...

  2. I love the family photos! Kjeri's dress is gorgeous.