Friday, June 24, 2011

What ever happened to "plain" food?

Every so often I run across an article or story online that I just have to comment on.  Since most of these already have a gazillion comments, I prefer to share my thoughts here.

So just now I found a link to this article on the Yahoo! home page (go read it, it's short, I'll wait):

The Rise of the Super Donut

I know that most of those probably look "yummy" to many people but all but two of those turned my stomach.  Ginger, peach and molasses doesn't sound bad and a donut on a cupcake- well, I'm just indifferent to that one. 

I was "taught" (unintentionally) growing up that cheese pizza was boring and to get your money's worth, you had to get as many toppings as possible.  Vanilla ice cream was gross unless you were making a sundae or root beer float, and so on.  Apparently, the more garbage you can pile on your food, the better.

It wasn't until I grew up and left home that I discovered that my favorite pizza has only two toppings (mushrooms and sausage) and cheese pizza comes in a close second.  Most of my kids like "plain" cheese pizza the best. 

I also discovered that vanilla is actually a "flavor."  I used to think that "vanilla" and "plain" meant the same thing.  Not so.  I love vanilla ice cream!  Sure, it's great with root beer or hot fudge, but sometimes less is more.  My kids' favorite flavor of yogurt is vanilla.  If they want fruit in it, they add their own.

As far as the donuts go... my favorite has always been a boring glazed one.  In fact, the other day, while walking through the bakery in our grocery store (where everything is made from scratch) and I could smell the donuts frying, I wondered aloud to my husband, "Do you think they would sell me some plain donuts right out of the fryer, no glaze or sugar or anything?"  I didn't ask, but maybe I should have- but then again, maybe I should just make my own, then I could have them any way I want.

So, what plain foods do you love that the industry has messed with too much?  I'd love to hear your comments...


P.S.  Oh, and something else I thought of after posting this: What's wrong with "plain" M&M's. I remember when they changed them from "plain" to "milk chocolate." Even as a kid I thought, "Well, duh, they're all milk chocolate." (Of course, that was before dark and peanut butter and coconut and pretzel and...)


  1. I love plain veggies with nothing on them! I have nothing against cheese sauce, but I love broccoli without it. And roasted asparagus without the fancy dressing, and artichokes without the marinade or the butter sauce to dip it in.

    Oh, and just plain old mashed potatoes without garlic or cheese or herbed salt.

  2. I dunno, we've had donut making parties at home and plain, with nothing on them donuts aren't as great as glazed ones, in my opinion!

    This might sound crazy, mostly because people wouldn't think of it as "plain" but I really like lobster and shellfish plain without butter or sauce to dip it in. I happen to live right next to the ocean though, so I think I can get it more often, but I just love a plain boiled lobster mmmmm

    - Ruth
    P.S. I just found your blog through etsy's blogging team!

  3. My Husband actually teases me cause I enjoy having "plain" food! There are so many mixed up flavors- I really do enjoy just having something 'plain' and savoring it...

    Your newest follower,

  4. I love cheese pizza. I might make one tonight for dinner. I also love more cheese on pizza. I love the traditional pepperoni pizza but since we make our own pizza now I like to branch out more only because the typical cheese can get boring. Who doesn't love Vanilla ice cream?? Yummmy!!