Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thought for the Week: Chris Heimerdinger

If you're LDS and you like to read, you already know this author.  If you've never heard of him, he's worth checking out (as long as you don't mind stories geared toward one particular religion).  The first book of his is called Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites and is about some kids who accidentally travel back in time to Book of Mormon times and places.  They have many adventures there and eventually manage to get home.  That was back in 1989 and I don't think he planned on making it into a series.  The 11th book just came out. :)  Anyway, the third one is my favorite because that's the one where the characters get to meet Jesus Christ when He visited the people in the Americas after He was resurrected. 

Okay, enough rambling.  This quote is from the beginning of the 3rd book.  One of the characters was captured by bad guys and has been traveling with them for several weeks.

This was the first day that I began to appreciate in some small way the beauty and wonder of the land around me.  Though I continued to mourn my circumstances, it was hard to ignore all the colors, so bright and brilliant, particularly at midday when the sun was highest.  Ther fiery golds and emerald greens and turquoise blues almost seemed alive and breathing, ready to scatter like birds if we came too close.  But of course, the colors never scattered.  They blazed in the sun like newly opened chests of treasure.  The midday light turned ordinary boulders and rocks and pebbles into precious jewels- diamonds and opals, topaz and amethysts.


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