Friday, February 25, 2011

Will it ever stop!?!?

Okay, we live in the mountains, so we expect a fair amount (ok, a lot) of snow here in Teton Valley.  But this year it has gone beyond a lot of snow.

This is my oldest daughter (she's 5'8") standing in front of the tallest drift in our yard.  It's right in the corner of the sidewalk so I couldn't get any farther away from her to get a better perspective.  It goes right up to her shoulder.

It's also up to the hood of the Suburban.  This drift is actually a lot closer to the car than it looks here.

Here's Kjeri standing on the trampoline.  You can barely see the outline of it in the snow.

The swing set.  All of the swings were buried months ago but now the slide is gone as well.  That fence back there is a little higher than my waist and it's about gone too.  The part down in front is the rail of the deck and it's pretty much buried as well.

And... it's STILL SNOWING!



  1. OMG- sending you lots and lots of sun! And a shovel!

  2. Wow, that really is a lot of snow! I'm from New York, so obviously we didn't get as much, but we still had a record breaking year. Hope spring will come fast for you!