Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spiritual Thought for Sunday: Adversity and Getting Back to the Basics

As you may or may not know, Rock has been unemployed for almost 2 years now.  He was laid off from his last job 1 week before our youngest daughter was born.  It's been quite the struggle.  A little over a year ago we started our own computer repair business in an effort to keep our heads above water financially but it's just not working.  We've been able to pay the rent about half of the months since. We've had to have a lot of help from others.

I'm not telling you this to get sympathy.  One of the speakers in church today was talking about getting back to the basics spiritually.  He said (and I'm paraphrasing here), "When faced with times of adversity, we need to get back to the basics."  I thought about that for a few minutes and realized that is probably exactly what is missing in our family right now.  Rock and I are both struggling with depression, as is our oldest daughter (who is old enough to feel the stress).  A lot of things have seemed to be falling apart for our family lately.

So, I got out the notebook I keep in my scriptures for just such occasions and I made a quick list of the absolutely most basic gospel activities that we need to focus on in our family:

  • Church attendance- It's hard to get up and get going early enough to be on time, especially with a teenage daughter who doesn't want to go at all.  We're going to work on that.
  • Family prayer- It's such a simple little thing that only takes a few minutes but it has been sorely neglected in our house.  It should be easy to get back in the habit if we concentrate.
  • Family scripture reading- I know a lot of families struggle with finding the time for family scripture study but we are together all day every day and we don't have all of the extra stuff that some families do.  Again, we just need to focus on remembering to do it.
  • Last but not least, family home evening- We actually have been doing better at this in recent months.  We have a discussion on a gospel topic during Sunday dinner and then during Monday dinner, we review what we talked about the day before and have a fun activity and, of course, a treat.  The kids beg to do it so it is getting easier.
Anyway, I know that some of you are not LDS (Mormon) but I think that some of these things can be implemented in any family, no matter what your religious beliefs.  I know that doing these things in our house will help strengthen our family bonds and help us endure to the end of this particular trial.

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  1. Korrina, I hope the tides turn in your favor for you and your family very soon.