Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Okay, so I don't really mean it.  I actually hate Halloween.  When I was a kid I loved being allowed to dress up and act like an idiot all day.  Even in high school I loved the attention I got from dressing up.

Then I had kids.

When they were really little it was fun.  They were too young to trick-or-treat so we'd dress them up for the grandparents and take pictures and that was about it.  Now, however...

Six costumes, six buckets of candy, six months of sugar high.  Yes, I said six months.  Halloween is the first holiday of what I call "candy season."  Think about it.  Trick-or-treat candy, halloween candy that comes a week or two later from Grandma- by then the Christmas candy is in the stores.  After Thanksgiving we start making the Christmas goodies for all of the family and friends, then the candy we get in our stockings lasts at least several weeks after that and then we are into Valentine's Day.  Then we get a break- for about a month- 'cause here comes Easter.  Mercifully, there's not much candy from Easter to Halloween except the stuff they get at the 4th of July parade in the middle of the summer.

Anyway, enough ranting, what I really wanted to do was show off the pictures of the kids the other night for the church "trunk-or-treat:"

Okay, my camera was acting weird so this was really the only photo that turned out at all.  In case you can't tell what we (yes, I'm in there too) were all dressed as... From left to right, back row first: Witch, bumblebee, Jedi knight, black cat, race car and driver, alien (pronounce the "l" as /w/) and yes, her hair really was that color, and fairy princess.  The "awien" and the race car both won prizes at the church party.

So, in spite of it all, I admit that it's pretty fun to dress up (as long as someone else comes up with the costumes- which 13yo daughter did) and they really didn't get that much candy after all.


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  1. I love the picture!!! They don't really celebrate Halloween here, which makes me sad.