Thursday, October 21, 2010

Contests, Commercials, Concussions, and Measles

1.  It's voting time!  No, not for your local leaders (well, that might be a good idea, too), but for your favorite polymer clay project over at Polymer Clay Central.  One of the pieces is mine but I'm not allowed to say which one.  (But here's a hint: Look at my favorite book list by clicking on "View Complete Profile" over there on the right!)  So vote for your favorite and maybe I can get a gift certificate for more clay supplies so I can make more projects so I can enter more contests, so I can win more gift certificates...  Anyway, you can vote here!

2.  I'm going to be a radio star!  (Just kidding)  Since January, I've had two businesses to run.  Rock (my husband) and I started a computer repair business at the beginning of the year as he had been unemployed nearly a year and still had no job prospects.  The last few weeks, we have been talking about doing a radio ad and finally yesterday we went to the station and got it recorded.  I'm very excited about it although I'm not sure I want to hear my own voice on the radio; I really think it will help improve our sales.

3. Last week, our one-year-old gave me a huge scare.  She was running from her sister and tripped over her own feet and fell on her face.  I wasn't too worried at first because she does that all the time.  The 11yo picked her up and noticed she was acting funny so I took her and she was going in and out of conciousness!  I panicked, called 911 and, while waiting for the ambulance, bawled hysterically.  My 13yo, however, kept her cool and calmed down the younger kids while I tried to get a grip.  When the ambulance got here and I took her out and put her on the gurney, she opened her eyes (she had stayed unconcious the last several minutes).  I said, "Hi, baby," and she grinned at me!  The paramedics could tell right then that she was okay but we took her to the hospital anyway to keep an eye on her for a while.  Apparently she just had a concussion and it knocked her silly for a while.
Of course, when it rains, it pours.  A couple of days later, I was up all night with her 'cause she had a relatively high fever and was miserable but no other symptoms so I figured it couldn't be anything too serious.  Sure enough, the next night she had spots all over.  It was measles!  We decided that we weren't going to immunize the two younger kids while they were little so she hasn't had the MMR.  (We don't plan on ever doing that one.)  Well, let me say... other than staying up all night with a feverish baby, that wasn't any worse than a cold.  In fact, it was a lot easier because it only lasted three days.  Colds seem to last all winter long sometimes.  So now we're waiting for 3yo to start showing the signs 'cause she hasn't had the MMR either.

Anyway, I'm working on a new clay tutorial for next week so stay tuned...

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